Rising for the Beast and the Beauty.

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Do you think girls with stretch marks can be beautiful?

I already think that they are.

Growth is nothing to be ashamed of.
If we stayed the same size, shape, height, mindset, etc, all the time, we’d never learn how to accept ourselves.
And learning how to accept ourselves means learning how to accept all the forms we’ll take on throughout a lifetime.
Stretchmarks just mean that growth and change are occurring, that we’re just moving into a different form, and every single form we take on is beautiful.

Lana Del Rey // Complex Magazine (2014)

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You're a little obsessed with yourself, aren't you?


well no one else is gonna do it

“Ok so why the fuck…..”

– Usually said by someone who is about to make a valid point while simultaneously asking you a rhetorical question  (via asapkingsofparis)

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“If love did not exist
I would be so goddamn sane.”

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the level at which rihanna doesnt give a fuck is so inspiring

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

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What if a pregnancy test just said:

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